EUCO QWIKstitch is a cutting-edge two-component hybrid urethane repair liquid engineered to swiftly mend cracks, repair spalled joints, and rectify damaged or uneven concrete surfaces. Its ultra-low viscosity allows it to penetrate deeply into cracks, effectively bonding them back together. With its rapid cure time, EUCO QWIKstitch expedites repair tasks, enabling concrete to withstand heavy traffic in less than one hour.

Technical Data Sheet

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Features & Benefits:

  • Versatile Application: Can be applied at various thicknesses with the use of clean, oven-dried silica, ensuring adaptability to different repair needs.
  • Rapid Cure Time: Offers a very fast cure time, allowing for quick turnaround and minimal downtime.
  • Customizable Colors: Available in 33 colors through the use of color packs, enabling seamless integration with existing concrete surfaces.
  • Precision Application: Static mixers with needle tips are available for neatly injecting very narrow cracks, ensuring precise and efficient application.
  • Low Viscosity: Boasts low viscosity for deep penetration into cracks, enhancing bond strength and durability.
  • Wide Temperature Range: Suitable for application in a wide temperature range from 0°F to 110°F (-18°C to 44°C), providing versatility in various environmental conditions.
  • Low VOC and Odor-Free: Formulated with low VOC content and no solvent odor, ensuring a safe and pleasant working environment.


  • Cracked concrete surfaces, both interior and exterior.
  • Spalled floor joints requiring repair.
  • Pop-outs and delaminations on floors needing restoration.


EUCO QWIKstitch is available in cases of (12) 21.2 oz (0.62 L) dual cartridges with static mixers and retaining nuts included. Needle tip static mixers are available separately in packages of 5. Bulk units consisting of 2 gal (7.6 L) are also available, with Part A and Part B each packaged in 1 gal (3.8 L) containers.

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in