EUCO QWIKJOINT UVR sets a new standard in polyurea technology, offering unmatched features and benefits not found in any other polyurea joint filler available. Designed to withstand the effects of ultraviolet light, EUCO QWIKJOINT UVR resists fading better than any existing product on the market. This fast-setting, semi-rigid polyurea is primarily used for filling construction and control joints in industrial and commercial concrete floors.

Technical Data Sheet

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Features & Benefits:

  • Unparalleled UV Resistance: Offers exceptional resistance to UV light, ensuring long-lasting color retention and durability.
  • Fast-Setting Formula: Rapid curing reduces downtime, allowing for quick completion of joint filling operations.
  • Large Shave-Time Window: Provides greater flexibility in scheduling joint filling operations, accommodating various project timelines.
  • Tough Performance: Provides robust performance, reducing the need for floor joint repairs and maintenance, resulting in cost savings.
  • Wide Temperature Range: Can cure in temperatures as low as -20°F (-29°C), ensuring applicability in diverse environmental conditions.
  • No Bubbles/Foaming: Does not produce bubbles or foam when used in damp joints, ensuring a smooth and uniform finish.
  • Less Moisture-Sensitive: Exhibits reduced sensitivity to moisture compared to standard polyureas, ensuring consistent performance in varying conditions.
  • Available in 33 Standard Colors: Provides options for customization and aesthetic enhancement, catering to diverse project requirements.


  • Ideal for filling construction and control joints in concrete, ensuring structural integrity and preventing moisture intrusion.
  • Suitable for crack and joint repair in old floors, rejuvenating and extending the lifespan of existing surfaces.
  • Designed for use in industrial and commercial floors, providing durable and long-lasting joint filling solutions.
  • Suitable for freezer floors, withstanding extreme temperatures and harsh conditions.

Specifications / Compliances:

  • Complies with ACI 302 performance recommendations regarding construction joint fillers.
  • Meets standards for USGBC LEED Version 4, BD&C, ID&C, the WELL Building Standard, and ANSI/GBI 01 Green Building Assessment Protocol.


  • Available in 22 oz (600 mL) side-by-side cartridges (12/case) and 10 gal (37.9 L) kits for all 33 standard colors. The mix ratio for all packaging sizes is 1:1.

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in