Plastic Horseshoe Shims


Plastic Horseshoe Shim Features

  • Plastic horseshoe shims are shaped to fit around a bolt or anchor.
  • Offered in two styles (3″x4″ and 4″x6″), with nine color-coded thicknesses.
  • Ideal for the Precast, Tilt-Up, and Glass industries.
  • Frequently used during installation of storefronts, such as in applications where the shim is placed vertically.
  • Supplied bulk packed in boxes.
  • For similar applications, Grove Shims™ offers U-shaped shims (horseshoe shims with rounded outer edges) in various sizes.
  • All of our plastic shims are made in America from high-quality plastic.
  • Our wide variety of color-coded shims and solid thicknesses are easily applied for easy alignment every time.
  • Plastic shims won’t rot like wooden shims and won’t rust like metal shims.
  • Prompt, personalized attention is placed to every order focusing on accuracy and quick shipping.

Additional information

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BLACK 1/4X3X4 (500 Box), BLUE 1/16X3X4 (1000 Box), RED 1/8X3X4 (1000 Box)