25ft 12/3 SJTW Jobsite® 3-Outlet Extension Cord


25ft 12/3 SJTW Yellow Jobsite® Triple-Tap Extension Cord w/Primelight® Power Indicator Light

Prime's Jobsite® outdoor extension cords have the Primelight® power indicator light to show when there is power running through the cord. The bright yellow jacket is water, weather and abrasion resistant and flame retardant. The 3-outlet Triple-Tap brings power to 3 tools with up to a 15 amp total load from one extension cord.

Primelight® Indicator Light shows when power is on
Oversized Plugs & Strain Reliefs prevent wire from separating from the plugs
3-Outlet Triple-Tap brings power to 3 tools from one cord
Nickel Coated Brass Blades resist corrosion & arcing
Water Resistant
Flame Retardant
Flexible in Temperatures from -40ºF up to +140ºF

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in