E.A.R. Push-Ins Earplugs


3M Push-INS (3M.318-1001)

Features: Pod-shaped earplugs have a large, ball-shaped foam end that fills the ear cannel. A paddle grip pushes the pod into place to avoid touching or rolling earplug, making it a good choice for dirty environments. Available in uncorded ear plugs.

  • Easy insertion for no roll-down, clean protection
  • Handle allows quick, clean insertion and removal
  • Recommended for workers with dirty hands
  • Push-to-fit foam.
  • No rolling required.
  • Wall mountable dispenser box.
  • Corded(1001) 100 per box
  • Uncorded(1002) 2000 per box

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Corded(1001), Uncorded(1002)