MasterProtect H 1000


MasterProtect H 1000
High-performance, clear, breathable, 100% silane penetrating sealer

MasterProtect H 1000 operates as a clear, breathable, high-performance sealer composed of 100% silane. This water repellent sealer achieves the highest depth of penetration, ensuring effective protection for various surfaces.

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Technical Data Sheet

Recommended uses:

  • Suitable for both interior and exterior applications
  • Can be applied on horizontal and vertical surfaces
  • Effective for above-grade structures, including traffic-bearing concrete substrates, bridge decks, substructures, and highway surfaces
  • Suitable for use on ramps, barrier rails, parking garages, buildings, stadiums, and many other reinforced concrete structures

Key features of MasterProtect H 1000:

  • No masking of windows necessary, and no cleaning required after application
  • Leaves no residue and will not harm glass windows, metal frames, or painted surfaces
  • Formulated with 100% silane for superior protection
  • Guards against chloride ion penetration and provides excellent depth of penetration
  • Protects structures from damage caused by wind-driven rain
  • Does not alter the surface appearance
  • Surface sealer helps reduce efflorescence, atmospheric staining, and mildew

Benefits of MasterProtect H 1000:

  • Breathability allows interior moisture to escape without damaging the sealer
  • Solvent-based formulation is excellent for cold weather applications
  • Superior water repellence enables deep penetration and chemical reaction within the concrete pores, providing long-lasting protection
  • Abrasion-resistant, offering durable protection to horizontal substrates subjected to traffic, such as bridge decks and highway surfaces

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